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Our clients tell us that we listen well, ask the right questions, and pay attention to their specific needs. We are experienced in buying all types of media, developing and executing events, promotions, etc.

Social Media

Weekly postings to your Social Media Profiles: Includes research for related topic materials, photos, video, news and events postings. Facebook Ads Creation with Advanced Targeting & Reporting available.

Our Team

After working 10 years in Radio and Television, Kellye started K. Shaw Media at the urging of several small business associates to bring a different perspective to the traditional Agency/Client relationship.

Web Design

web design
Creating your website and building your brand is very important. Your website is your virtual business location and should be representative of your business and showcase all your products and services.

K. Shaw Media is an independent, locally owned, boutique advertising agency, who believes that there is no task too big or too small if it’s important to our client. K Shaw Media was founded in 2005 by radio and television media executive Kellye Shaw.

We’ve coined the phrase “boutique” to describe our agency because our K. Shaw Media’s mission has always been to provide expert advertising and marketing services to our clientele by acquiring a complete understanding of their unique goals and objectives. We are the in-house marketing associate that every small business needs, but may not be able to afford. We not only assist with marketing and media strategies and solutions, but we implement all the details needed, whether it’s an email blast, TV commercial production or a retail promotion.

K. Shaw Media is fortunate to have a great portfolio of clientele and has become a trusted advisor to their marketing and advertising efforts.

Every year, the better we know our clients, the more productive we are. Our strength comes from our team of specialized consultants who are very good at what they do. In the long run their expertise, efficiency and effectiveness saves our clients money producing a greater return on their investment.

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